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Damian meets up with Neil Hennessy (Lawrence Arms) & Isaac Thotz to talk their early musical life in Chicago and the strange long road that lead to their new project: TREASURE FLEET.

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Chicago area record engineer and producer MATT ALLISON of ATLAS STUDIOS talks his early music experiences, what drove him to producing, his working relationships and what it takes it to be a record producer. Matt is known for working with Alkaline Trio, The Lawrence Arms, The Menzingers, Masked Intruder, The Arrivals and MORE!

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Damian and friends journey to Durango, Colorado for the Ska Brewing 17th Anniversary Party and beer festival. While there he talks with members of REEL BIG FISH about their earliest musical memories, and their new album: Candy Coated Fury! He also finds time in between the many pints of beer to talk with Ska Brewing's Bill Graham about the competitive field of Craft Brewing and the idea to just go for it! 

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RED CITY RADIO's Paul Pendley and Garrett Dale talk about destiny, finding the world of punk rock and the 7th Greatest country musician in the world. With bonus live tracks!

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Jonny 5 from FLOBOTS talks about the influnce of Comic books, hip hop and middle school on his musical life. We also talk about how he found his voice, the new record and how you can make a difference!

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This week we have a double episode! We open up with Lauren Larson of UME telling us how she learned to play guitar, meeting the love of her life and playing with Jane's Addiction at Lollapalooza. Then we meet up with Doni Blair and Vaden Todd Lewis of The Toadies and talk about earliest music encounters, Vaden's life as a pastor's son, Doni's disc jockey father, the recording process of the new album and MORE!

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On today's episode we talk about:

  • The Dangers of drinking Fireball whiskey and wrestling women. 
  • Their earliest childhood influences.
  • How bowling factors into their origin story.
  • What sets them apart from other pop-punk bands
  • What it was like winning album of the year
  • Self loathing and its role in the lyrical content
  • Pinching themselves while on this incredible journey
  • How to stay Honest
  • And their politics on the future of their band!
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HELLO FRIENDS! I'm super excited to talk with TOM MAY from THE MENZINGERS! <em>ON THE IMPOSSIBLE PAST</em> has quickly become my favorite album of 2012. I talk with Tom about his earlier years learning to play music and what brought him into the fold of Punk Rock. We talk about the early inception, songwriting, Epitaph Records, interpretations of songs and oh so much more in today's episode!

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We begin this interview with Bryan, and slowly but surely all 4 members of the band join us. We talk about adulthood, having kids, day jobs, getting old. We talk about their 20th Anniversary shows and the influence it had on their new album COMET. We talk about Rise Records and Pete talks about the potential BS side project: WHEN THE BATS FLY THROUGH! Songs include "Baptized" & "Comet" from their 2012 album: COMET!

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19- RED FANG talks their caution with their surprise success, Europe, current plans for a new album and the future.

We join Red Fang on the patio of The Larimer Lounge in Denver, Colorado before their sold out show. We talk a little bit about everything, but with focus on their current success and how it might all suddenly just fade away. We also talk Europe, the constant touring, and their current plans for their future and new album!

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