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Jonny 5 from FLOBOTS talks about the influnce of Comic books, hip hop and middle school on his musical life. We also talk about how he found his voice, the new record and how you can make a difference!

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This week we have a double episode! We open up with Lauren Larson of UME telling us how she learned to play guitar, meeting the love of her life and playing with Jane's Addiction at Lollapalooza. Then we meet up with Doni Blair and Vaden Todd Lewis of The Toadies and talk about earliest music encounters, Vaden's life as a pastor's son, Doni's disc jockey father, the recording process of the new album and MORE!

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On today's episode we talk about:

  • The Dangers of drinking Fireball whiskey and wrestling women. 
  • Their earliest childhood influences.
  • How bowling factors into their origin story.
  • What sets them apart from other pop-punk bands
  • What it was like winning album of the year
  • Self loathing and its role in the lyrical content
  • Pinching themselves while on this incredible journey
  • How to stay Honest
  • And their politics on the future of their band!
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HELLO FRIENDS! I'm super excited to talk with TOM MAY from THE MENZINGERS! <em>ON THE IMPOSSIBLE PAST</em> has quickly become my favorite album of 2012. I talk with Tom about his earlier years learning to play music and what brought him into the fold of Punk Rock. We talk about the early inception, songwriting, Epitaph Records, interpretations of songs and oh so much more in today's episode!

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