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Today we join KyleKinane in the greenroom of Comedy Works in Denver. We sit back and chat about becoming a "Punk Rock" comedian of sorts, his D.I.Y. roots as well as his discovery of music and comedy all in one swoop. Not only that, we talk about BMX, Drinking, his failed Comedy Central pilot and oh so much more! This episode is brought to you buy HIGH PLAINS COMEDY FESTIVAL!

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We talk with Konrad Wert of Possessed By Paul James about his early Mennonite upbringing, what lead him to becoming an elementary school teacher, the importance of family and the power of music! This episode contains live music from the performance at the Triple Nickel Tavern!

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Originally published in New Noise Magazine. Damian talks with the former Avail front man, Tim Barry about his early memories of train hopping, his newborn daughter Lela, songwriting and his his ongoing battle with diabetes.

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