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Mostly Harmless With Dammit Damian - Punk Rock Podcast

Aug 19, 2013

This week we venture up to Fort Collins, Colorado for the Fort Collins premier of FILMAGE, The Descendents / ALL Documentary. We join the filmmakers: Matt Riggle, Deedle LaCour, Justin Wilson & James Rayburn to talk to the film makers  about the importance and their discovery of The Descendents, as well as thier punk...

Aug 12, 2013

Dax Riggs joins us at the Triple Nickel Tavern to talk his early musical experiences growing up in New Orleans, how Acid Bath came to be and his life as a solo performer! All this and MORE with special guests Bryan Ostrow! 

Aug 2, 2013

Today we sit down with David Mickey Evans, the director of the family favorite film: THE SANDLOT. We talk about David's early love of Baseball and cinema and the steps he took along the way to make The Sandlot the classic that it is today! We also talk about how to be a writer, director and MORE!