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Comedian & Filmmaker Mike Birbiglia finds himself in Denver promoting his newest film, Don't Think Twice!! We chat today with Mike today about his creativity, while touching on topics about the fears of growing up and how fatherhood has changed his work & outlook on life. All of this and more in today's podcast episode!

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Meat Wave's Chris, Joe & Ryan meet up at Ratio Beerworks to chat with Damian about growing up in the Chicago Suburbs, what makes Chicago so great, how they tick and more! They spill some of the goods on their new record, which comes out in February on SideOneDummy Records! All of this and more in today's chat!

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We journey into the basement of Denver's infamous Hi-Dive to chat with CHEAP PERFUME about their new record, Nailed It, Growing as musicians in Colorado Springs, using your voice and how we can make a difference in the world! All this and more!

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ASTRONAUTALIS aka Andy Bothwell is the guest on this week's episode as we talk about his origin story of finding hip hop and his voice in Florida, learning how to be an artist in Dallas, creativity, Destiny and the goodness that exists in America. All of this and more from the Marquis Theater in Denver.

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Lauren Denitzio from Worriers & The Measure[SA] found herself with an extra day off in Denver after a wedding. Instead of sitting around watching tv (or hanging out with family) Lauren decided to play an afternoon acoustic show at Mutiny Information Cafe. Afterwards we sat and chatted about Lauren's career in music and art and how the two are seperate, yet hand in hand! We talk about Songwriting, participation in music and oh so much more!

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Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond band shows us a glimpse into their life on the road with the wild and crazy antics during the course of this interview! This chat takes place in the basement of the Hi-Dive in Denver, with topics that are all over the place in this "interview!" They chat about The Simpsons, Politics, baseball, the Mid-West and eventually we get around to talking about music, influences and what makes the Blue Diamond band tick. All this and more in this fun and ridiculous chat.

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Daniel Crosier; the artist, sculptor & director of Isolation Man joins Damian at Mutiny Information Cafe in Denver to talk about the Isolation Man mockumentary. The two also talk abut Dan's career as an artist & sculptor and how he learned to make films in his spare time! They talk about DIY and how you, YES YOU, can make a movie on your own shoestring budget!

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Its "A Very Mostly Harmless Birthday Celebration" Live Talk Show! Damian joins special guests comedian Janae Burris, Virgil Dickerson (Illegal Pete's/Suburban Home Records), Geoff Allen (Fun Is Okay Graphic Design) & musical guest Scooter James (Pinhead Circus/Tin Horn Prayer) to talk about the ridiculousness of birthday's past! They also chat about growing up and staying true to your youthfulness! The chat is followed by a short game of Mad Libs! This live event features stand up by Janae Burris and features an intimate acoustic set from Scooter!

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SWEET SUCCESS! In this week's interview, Damian joins Sweet Action Ice Cream owners Sam Kopicko & Chia Basinger and their daughter Opal and dog Lamar Vannoy, at their Denver home to chat about their upcoming world domination in the Ice Cream business! Sweet Action has just made the move into small grocery stores such as Whole Foods Market, Tony's Market and soon to be many many more! So we talk about the couple's early punk rock days, doing it yourself, becoming successful and lots and lots and lots about SWEET ACTION ICE CREAM! All of this and more in today's podcast adventure! 

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LARKIN POE! JESSE HUGHES OF EAGLES OF DEATH METAL! Both are the special guests on this week's DOUBLE episode!

First up, Damian chats backstage at the Paramount Theater with the Lovell sisters, Megan and Rebecca. Together they make up Larkin Poe and were in Denver as both the opening act and support act for Elvis Costello! They chat about their long road to success, work ethic, Touring with Elvis Costello and how it feels to have your lifelong work finally pay off! 

Next up is a chat with Eagles Of Death Metal mastermind, Jesse Hughes from their tour bus at Riot Fest Denver in September of 2015! Jesse had invited a group of us to their tour bus to hang out, drink beers and chat! While hanging out, we manage to discuss Jesse losing his virginity, being an outsider, finding himself, and more importantly finding rock n roll! 

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Damian meets up with Chris Farren, known for Fake Problems and Antarctigo Vespucci on American's birthday, July 4th in Denver. Backstage at the Summit Music Hall, the two talk openly about depression, creativity and recharging your batteries before the two talk about Chris's partnerships with Bomb The Music Industry's Jeff Rosenstock! We even get a few hints about Chris's upcoming album! All of this and more in this week's podcast adventure!

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In this month's live episode, Damian and the gang get weird and awkward while discussing first dates, bad dates and have fun talking about the perils of dating. The talk is followed by a short game of Mad Libs! This live event features stand up by Cody Spyker and features a rocking set from The Windermeres!

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Live from Denver's Tattered Cover bookstore, Damian hosts the Men With Cats release party and Q&A with New York Times Bestselling Author/photographer, David Williams.

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Damian hosts the Historical/Biographical comics panel at Dink 2016! Guests include Joel Christian Gill, Box Brown, Ben Towle & Nate Powell! They discuss their biographical comics, how they chose their subjects, education and more! 

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MOSTLY HARMLESS LIVE: "REVENGE OF THE NERDS!" Guests include Comedian Mallory Wallace, Wrestler/Comedian/Podcaster Xander Kreed & musical guest: THE GHOULIES! Recorded in front of a "studio" audience at Ratio Beerworks in Denver!

This episode is brought to you by Ratio Beerworks and the inaugural Dink: Denver's Comic & Art Expo!

In this month's live episode, Damian drinks too much while the gang discuss their embarrassing & empowering stories of growing up in the Nerd culture! Then how they took their love of nerd culture and found success and happiness in their lives!

This live event features a sets from Mallory Wallace & The Ghoulies!

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We talk to Allout Helter about their upcoming shows with 88 Fingers Louie, but we also take the time to chat about how the band's hard work paying off for them. How the band has worked themselves into the position to be one of the number one bands in Denver! We talk about the importance of Work Ethics, Not being a dick and never breaking up! We chat about all of this and more in today's chat! 

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JEFF PEZZATI lead singer of NAKED RAYGUN, THE BOMB and member of BIG BLACK is on this week's Mostly Harmless Podcast! What?! What?!

Jeff Pezzati joins us from Cobra Lounge to chat about his life in Naked Raygun, their new album and the band's legacy. We also chat with Jeff and his wife Kristen about their health, living in the country and oh so much more! 

Special thanks to Heather West of Western Publicity & Riot Fest for setting up this interview. Special thanks to Cobra Lounge and All Rise Brewing company for making me feel at home in Chicago!

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HEATHER WEST, owner of Western Publicity and publicist for RIOT FEST is on this week's Mostly Harmless Podcast.

Heather West has the best stories. She's done a little bit of everything in the world of entertainment, but first and foremost she is a storyteller. Meet her backstage at Riot Fest or at a concert and she'll regale you with the best stories of her time in the entertainment world. I decided I wanted to meet and I wanted  her to tell her own story in this week's podcast!

We talk about how she became a publicist,  her time at Victory Records, breaking bands such as Taking Back Sunday and starting her own publicity company! We also talk to her about what a publicist does, what to do to take your band there and what a publicist is looking for! All of this and more from Roscoe Village Pub in Chicago!

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Part Two with 88 Fingers Louie! Damian travels to Chicago to hang out with Denis Buckley and Dan Precision. They drink several beers and chat about being mentors, parents and tell fun stories of their life and times in the punk rock music scene!

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Damian travels to Chicago to hang out with Denis Buckley and Dan Precision from 88 Fingers Louie. The three of them drink several beers and chat about how they discovered the punk rock world of Chicago, growing up and calming down, the ending and return of 88 Fingers Louie,  and oh so much more in this first of two episodes with Denis and Dan!

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Over the course of several beers at Cerebral Brewing, Tin Horn Prayer members Andy Thomas, Eric Epling, Scooter James, Ethan Steenson, Dan Gilbert get together one more time to tell the stories of Tin Horn Prayer's journeys; the untimely passing of members Mike Herrera & Camden Trendler and recording the final Tin Horn Prayer ep, Love Under Will. This episode features the songs "All Good Wayfaring Sons," & "Once More" from Love Under Will Ep; as well as the "Tin Horn Prayer" cell phone demo by Dan Gilbert.

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Jared Hart! The front man for The Scandals (and guitar player for Brian Fallon of The Gaslight Anthem) meets up with Damian while on tour with Frank Iero (My Chemical Romance) & Roger Harvey in Denver on Thanksgiving eve! The two meet up in the basement of the Hi-Dive and catch up and chat about Hart's newest Solo record, Past Live & Pass Lines; out now on Say-10 Records. We also chat with Hart about starting the Scandals at age 14, his transition to a singer songwriter and how the the death of his mother has effected his work. All this and more! 

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Jim Norris is a founding owner of 3 Kings Tavern and Mutiny Information Cafe. Today we chat with Jim about his numerous roles in the Denver music scene, his departure after 10 years at 3 Kings, the future for Mutiny and how easy it is to participate in the local music landscape! Music included in today's episode includes songs from Whiskey Kiss & White Fudge!

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MOSTLY HARMLESS LIVE: "HOLIDAYS FROM HELL!" Guests include Bree Davies (Welcome To Rock Island Podcast, Denver Westword), Comedian Kevin O'Brien (These Things Matter Podcast) & musical guest: Jack's Smirking Revenge (Alex Pelissero)! Recorded in front of a "studio" audience at Mutiny Information Cafe in Denver! This episode is brought to you by Ratio Beerworks

In this month's live episode, Damian drinks too much while the gang discuss horrible holidays past, the joys of retail and MORE! The gang also play a fun and filthy game of Mad Libs!This live event features a solo set with Alex Pelissero as Jack's Smirking Revenge!


Damian chats with Conor, Josh and Jon from FOXING on Conor's birthday in Denver, Colorado. The band is currently on tour in support of their newest full length, DEALER, out now on Triple Crown Records. The four of them hide from the impending snowstorm and have a deep, sometimes dark chat about DEALER, using music as therapy for the listeners and the musicians and embracing the love of fans. All of this and more in today's podcast!

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This week's guest is BOB SUREN! Bob Suren is the author behind one of my favorite book discoveries this year, Crate Digger, out now on Microcosm Publishing. The book is about his early childhood discoveries of punk rock, how that discovery became an obsession. He tells the stories of how he opened Sound Idea in Brandon, Florida and Burrito Records out of that same shop; not to mention how he met and fell in love with his wife in those hallowed halls.    Bob was recently in Denver to promote Crate Digger, and this interview was done at the 7th Circle Music Collective. This episode also includes exerts from the Crate Digger audio book, also out on Microcosm Publishing. 

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James Alex and JP Flexner of Beach Slang talk about the influence of their former bands, Weston and Ex-Friends, has had on the success of Beach Slang. They talk about their graphic design/Art careers, Destiny, staying humble and how these components created their new record; "THE THINGS WE DO TO FIND PEOPLE LIKE US," out now on Polyvinyl! All of this and MORE!

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JOE SIB, the comedian, founder of SideOneDummy Records, host of Complete Control Radio and vocalist for WAX & 22 Jacks; joins Damian at the Comedy Works loft in Denver, Colorado. The two drink too much coffee and chat about the band WAX, working with Spike Jonze, and Joe's role at SideOneDummy. The two also talk about their experiences working in Comedy and Joe talks about finding courage to follow your own path! All of this and more in today's episode!

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Mostly Harmless Live: "Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark!" Join us as special guests Comedian Mara Wiles, Author Josiah Hesse, & Musical guest The Knew discuss the things that scared them scared them as children and now as adults and how to face your own fears! This episode features a comedy set from Mara Wiles and live performance from THE KNEW!!! Recorded October 8th, 2015 at Mutiny Information Cafe! Sponsored by Ratio Beerworks

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A few weeks back we traveled to Durango, Colorado for the best damned beer festival in the United States, the Ska Brewing 20th Anniversary Party & Brewers Invitational! In this week's episode we meet up with both REEL BIG FISH and MAD CADDIES to drink beer at a beer festival and to chat about..... What else??? BEER! First Beers, favorite beers, making your own beers and MORE! 

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SOUL ASYLUM! WHAT?!? Damian's favorite band from when he was 14 is this week's special guest! Damian hangs out and chats with Soul Asylum frontman Dave Pirner and drummer Michael Bland about their early origin stories, how they found their paths, destiny and the importance of getting off the couch! Michael Bland also talks about how he came to be Prince's drummer in 1989 and more!  

This episode is brought to you by Ratio Beerworks!

Also in this episode is Soul Asylum fan and fantastic artist, Sean Tiffany! Tiffany is the mastermind behind Oil Can Drive, a futuristic band in space comic book series! Tiffany has also worked for Marvel comics, Time Magazine and Sports Illustrated! 

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Jeff Rosenstock is the guest on this week's podcast! Damian gets birthday drunk and chats with Jeff about 30's, zines vs podcasts, the end of Bomb The Music Industry & the beginnings of the new band, the WE COOL? record, the Bomb documentary, being a lifer & oh so much more!

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MOSTLY HARMLESS LIVE From Denver Comic Con 2015: COMICS VS COMICS: Adventures in Wrestling! We meet up with Comedians Nathan Lund & Jim Hickox as they speak with comic book creators Zak Kinsella & Gerhard Kaaihue about their love of wrestling, lessons wrestling taught them and the importance of participating in the things you love. Pro-Wrestlers Xander Kreed and Alabaster Cain make surprise appearances as well!

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Alkaline Trio bassist, Dan Andriano talks about his new band, The Emergency Room, working with Jeff Rosenstock, what he wanted to be when he grew up, his relationship with Mike Park of Asian Man Records and his daughters intense love of music. All of this and more!

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In this 100th episode of Mostly Harmless, the microphone gets turned on our host Damian Burford, as his old friend, former roommate and Denver comedian Eric Henderson asks questions about 100 episodes of Mostly Harmless, Worldly travels, creativity and oh so much more!

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MOSTLY HARMLESS LIVE with Comedian Cory Helie (Host of Welcome To Denver Podcast) , Tattoo artist Jen LaBounta (From Johnny's Tattoo) & musical guest: Sour Boy Bitter Girl (Acoustic with Benjamin Buttice & Alex Bailey)!! Recorded in front of a "studio" audience at Mutiny Information Cafe in Denver!

In this month's live episode, Damian is about the embark of on a (volunteer) trip of a lifetime to Thailand! He asks the crew about their adventures in traveling, vacationing and so much more as it turns into a show about pooping.

The gang also play another rousing game of "Who said it? Oprah, Hillary Clinton or SCREECH!"

This live event features stand up by Cory Helie and features an intimate acoustic set from Sour Boy, Bitter Girl!

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This week we have two interviews from DENVER COMIC CON!! First off, we do a man on the street style chat with SAM SPINA, indie comix creator turned Nickelodeon Cartoon Creator and Storyboard artist for REGULAR SHOW!!

Then Dammit Damian hosts a Panel interview with the almighty LIZ PRINCE! Liz Prince is of course the artist of the graphic novel TOMBOY and Will You Still Love Me If I Wet The Bed, and Ignatz award winning comic. You may have also seen Liz's work grace the covers of Masked Intruder records, Razorcake Magazine or taking over the world of the Tumblrspheer.


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Filmmaker Adam Green discusses the influence of rock music on his filmmaking, American Werewolf in London, relationship with fans and GWAR, The Movie Crypt Podcast and his newest film: Digging Up The Marrow!

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In this month's live episode, we talk about shitty jobs and our adventures in Employment with Comedian Timmi Lasley & Comic artist Jake Fairly & musical guest: BLACK DOTS! We talk about when and where our dreams died and how we work to keep our artistic journey's alive.  All of this and a rousing game of "Who Said it?" Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ultimate Warrior or STING (not that Sting.)

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Comedian Ian Douglas Terry does COOL SHIT. We talk to IDT about his punk rock past, wrestling, THE FEST comedy shows, Crom Fest and how goes against the traditional comedy path and goes his own way. All of this and oh so much more.

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This week I interview SUCCESS! I join members Aaron-Rev Peters and Austin Jones outside the Summit Music Hall in Denver, Colorado! We talk with the band members about chasing Success, Bottlecap Studios, joining Red Scare Industries & working with Toby Jeg. We also find time to talk to the band about their Seattle hometown scene, building your own scene, participating in your town and oh so many ways that you and your own band can find SUCCESS!

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MOSTLY HARMLESS LIVE with Muscle Beach, Comedian Eric Henderson & Comic artist Gerhard Kaaihue!! Recorded in front of a "studio" audience at Mutiny Information Cafe in Denver!

In this month's live episode, Damian drinks way too much and swaps stories with the guys about roommates. During which Damian discovers he's a terrible roommate and gets advice from the gang about working relationships, how to be a better person and we hear funny stories of lives lived in close proximities that go completely wrong!

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CHRIS FOGAL! In this week's interview we join The Gamits front man at his recording studio, Black In Bluhm, to talk about the studio's success, Denver at large and his new band: DWAYNE and their self-titled debut on Paper + Plastick!

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Damian travels north to Boulder to meet up with filmmaker Alex Cox. Cox has been teaching film at the University of Colorado for the last four years and has recently finished a collaborative project with the students on an adaptation of the Harry Harrison novel of the same name. 

We meet up with Alex Cox at his local pub (Under The Sun in Boulder) and over a few beers we have a fantastic chat that covers everything from Repo Man, Elvis Costello, Harry Dean Stanton, film school, teaching young minds, working on Bill The Galactic Hero and oh so much more! It was a fantastic chat, lively and full of energy and interesting directions. 

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MOSTLY HARMLESS LIVE IS BACK! This is the first episode of our new run. Recorded in front of a "studio" audience at Mutiny Information Cafe in Denver! In this episode, we are joined by comedian Ian Douglas Terry, Comic artist Zak Kinsella & musical guest: Sleeping Weather to discuss unrequited love and those early school boy heartbreaks that made us the "Men" we are today! We also make a mixtape and play a rousing game of "Who said it? Hulk Hogan, Macho Man Randy Savage or Rosie O'Donnell!"

This episode is brought to you by Ratio Beerworks & Death Wish Coffee!

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TWO RAMONES! TWO INTERVIEWS! ONE PODCAST! Marky Ramone talks sobriety, dreams and his new book; Punk Rock Blitzkrieg: My Life as a Ramone! CJ Ramone talks to us about how he became the Ramones Bass player, his Autistic son Liam & giving up Rock N Roll for him and his newest album: LAST CHANCE TO DANCE!

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Denver's most notorious party band, DIRTY FEW chat about going to military school, smoking weed, Louisiana living, moving to Denver and van trouble on tour. Most importantly we talk about their newest record, Party Or Don't, out February 19th & 20th at the Hi-Dive Denver!

We also chat with our newest sponsor, RATIO BEERWORKS! Founders Jason zumBrunnen & Zach Lowery tell us why Denver needs another brewery, how they work their punk rock origins into the Ratio & their upcoming grand opening!


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Woah! We get in deep with this week's interview with TIM O'HARA, the founding drummer of THE LILLINGTONS, the founder of Stabbed in Back & the new drummer for Toronto, Canada hardcore act: BRUTAL YOUTH! 

We sit back with Tim and we talk to him about about marriage, mormon missions, drumming, middle school band politics, missing the boat on Fat Wreck Chords and oh so much more in this in depth interview! Interview starts at 11:00 in! 

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It's storytime with SCOOTER JAMES! Jimmy Pinhead himself sits down with Damian on the freezing cold patio at Illegal Pete's in Denver to drink several pitchers of Coors Lite while chatting about the upcoming Pinhead Circus reunion shows with the NOBODYS! 

We talk for a little over an hour, that was recorded. We talked about Scooter's first guitar, becoming a father, tour hi-jinks with the Nobodys, being a mid-level punk rock band in the 90's and oh so much more. We even find time to talk about Pinhead Circus's famous former drummer, Brandon Barnes of Rise Against Fame! All this and oh so much more as we try to stay warm on a cold, cold, Friday night at Illegal Pete's! 

Check out Pinhead Circus this weekend with the NOBODYS. January 30th at the Triple Nickel Tavern in Colorado Springs & January 31st at the Hi-Dive in Denver!

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Darius Koski from Swingin' Utters is today's guest, with special appearances from Chris "Big Bitch" Flippin, Joe Raposo and Joey Cape from Lagwagon! We join Darius on the Lagwagon tour bus to talk about his early musical memories, origins, as well as Fatherhood and why the Swingin Utters have been hitting it so hard these days. The interview devolves into a fun chat with Darius and Lagwagon about their first alcoholic drinks and malt liquor! 

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LEMURIA are our guests this week on the Mostly Harmless Podcast! We meet up and interview Alex, Max and Sheena in the basement green room of the Hi-Dive in Denver! We chat with them about their newest release and appearance in Turnstile Comix #3, appearing in Entertainment Weekly, and the art of becoming a comic book characters in both Turnstile #3 and Li'l Depressed Boy! All of this and more in today's interview!

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Dan Potthast of Mu33o and Rick Johnson of Mustard Plug join us today to talk about the first time they met, the first records they bought, their home lives, tour life as an adult and the creation of Sharkanoid; the duo's Guided by Voices inspired pop-punk concept album!

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Mike, Max and Morgan of HARD GIRLS tell us about what led to their newest record, A THOUSAND SURFACES, working with Jesse Michaels of OPERATION IVY, the wisdom of Mike Park and more! Mike also talks the upcoming Shinobu release!

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KEIRSTON WHITE is this week's guest. She can currently be seen on tour with John Moreland. We meet up with the singer songwriter to talk about her early musical origins, how she was an annoying little sister who learned to play and sing from her older brother, Bryon White from The Damn Quails. We also talk about how she found her voice, Stagefright, her friendship with John Moreland and her family connection to Roger Miller. She also maybe sings a little bit of Sublime in this week's audio adventure! Recorded backstage at 3 Kings Tavern in Denver, Colorado.

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Hot Damn! SPEEDY ORTIZ are our guests today on The Mostly Harmless Podcast! We meet up with the band in the basement green room of the Hi-Dive. We have a free flowing chat with the band that covers topics such as their early musical origin stories, how they chose their instruments, the geography or middle America and comic books!

Songs from this episode include: "Everything's Bigger" from their EP, Real Hair and "Doomsday" from their brand new split 7" with Chris Weisman for Famous Class's LAMC single series!

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WOAH! STEVE DIGGLE FROM THE BUZZCOCKS is our guest on today's episode! We sit down backstage at Riot Fest Denver in the Visiting team locker room at Mile High Stadium and talk to the 59 year old guitar player for the highly influential punk band! 

We talk to Steve about sleep deprivation, the longevity of the band & songs, crowd-funding of  their new album, The Way; the unending well of creative juices, festivals and oh so much more in today's interview!


Songs from this episode include: "It's Not You" from their upcoming record, The Way as well as "Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've)" from the classic record Love Bites.

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JOEY CAPE (Lagwagon, Me First And The Gimme Gimmes), CHRIS CRESSWELL (The Flatliners), BRIAN WAHLSTROM (Scorpios) and Serina Chang hang out at the Walnut Room in Denver, Colorado to discuss German humor, Barry Manilow, Competitive Whistling, First musical loves and the ONE WEEK RECORDS label and tour!

This episode features the one week records songs, "Airplane Food," by Brian Wahlstrom and "Meet Me in the Shade" by Chris Cresswell. The episode ends with a live recording of the One Week Records gang playing, "International You Day," by Tony Sly and No Use For a Name.

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Damian chugs a ton of whiskey and jumps into a tour bus to interview Dowsing, Sundials and Alissa Reynolds! They have a round table chat about touring life, where they grew up and came into their own, their respective records and what they learn about themselves and each other in their cramped quarters. All this and so much more in today's audio adventure.

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Chris Shary, the artist for Descendents/ALL joins us from his Stockton, California home. We chat with Christ about his early beginnings discovering punk rock, the power of his artwork and why he became a teacher. We also talk to Chris about meeting and working with Descendents, and how he balances his career as a teacher and artist. All of this and more in today's audio adventure.

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We join Hi, Ho Silver Away! on day three of their two week tour, at Mutiny Information Cafe in Denver! We talk with the band after their show about the origins of the band's name, the band's musical origins, Recording with Alex Estrada (Joyce Manor, Touche Amore) and joining forces with It's Alive Records. All of this and more in today's Audio adventure!

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Damian joins Local H frontman, Scott Lucas in Denver to discuss his early musical origins, how the band keeps rolling on as well as the side project, Scott Lucas and the Married Men!

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Keith Morris of OFF!, Black Flag & The Circle Jerks talks very candidly about his diabetes, brushes with death and what keeps him going full steam ahead. Other topics include, Record Store Day, dislike of critics, Comic book & film making ideas and oh so much more.

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This week's interview is THE WHITE BUFFALO himself, Jake Smith! We find Jake Smith in the wild of Denver, Colorado while on tour with Chuck Ragan and Johnny Two Bags. We venture downstairs into the Greenroom of the Gothic Theatre and discuss musical origins, having his songs on SONS OF ANARCHY,  his musical origins, books & reading, Good & Evil in Storytelling & Songwriting,  and the themes behind Buffalo's newest record: Shadows, Greys, & Evil Ways. All of this and more in today's audio adventure!

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We meet up with Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music) at the Gothic Theater in Denver. We talk about the fishing life, making music and the parallels of fishing & music. We also talk about Chuck's new album Till Midnight & the building of the Camaraderie family. All of this and more in today's episode!

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This week we chat with Chuck Robertson, Lead singer of MAD CADDIES, in Denver, Colorado. We talk about Chuck's musical origins, Tour life and lessons, Teaching younger bands, playing ska music in your 30's, and the band's new record: Dirty Rice. Dirty Rice out May 13th on Fat Wreck Chords.


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This week's interview is with THE SHELL CORPORATION! We talk with Jan Drees and Curtiss Lopez outside Illegal Pete's in Denver, Colorado. We chat with the guys about their early musical memories, how they got into punk rock, why they play and other musical origins. We also talk their love of Bad Religon & Propagandhi,  Mandrake, angry lyrics, tour life and oh so much more in today's audio adventure!

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We meet up with THE HOTELIER in Denver, Colorado at the Seventh Circle Music Collective to discuss the new record, how the band is surviving their lives on the road, Fanfare from fellow musicians, the band's name change, Musical Origins & More!

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This week's interview is Matt Goud aka NORTHCOTE, soon to be your new favorite singer songwriter. We join Matt while in the middle of tour with Dave Hause of the Loved Ones at a packed show at the Marquis Theater in Denver, Colorado. We chat with Matt about his new found life on the road, Adventures with Dave Hause, fanfare from his idols, his small town Canadian origins and MORE!

This episode features "Hope The Good Things Never Die" & "Speak Freely" from the 2013 self-titled album, Northcote. Out now in the US on Black Numbers.

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This week's interview is with the New Jersey pop-punk band, MAJOR LEAGUE. We speak candidly with the boys of Major League  about near death experiences, departing from their former lead singer Nick Trask, Modern Baseball, Sports, Musical origins, traveling around the world and MORE in today's audio adventure. 

This episode features exerts from the band's live performance at the 7th Circle Music Collective in Denver, Colorado.

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This week's interview is with JAMES DEWEES, the man behind REGGIE AND THE FULL EFFECT. We join James at the Marquis Theater in Denver to chat about his new record, No Country For Old Musicians. We also chat about creativity, growing up, vocal chord surgery, pop culture and more!

This episode features the tracks "37," "Fowling Around," and "Revenge is a Dish Best Served at Park Chan-Wook's House."

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Mike Herrera of MxPx & Tumbledown joins us in the basement of The Bluebird Theater in Denver to discuss podcasting, fatherhood, marijuana, misconceptions, being humble and oh so much more!

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Into It, Over It brainchild Evan Thomas Weiss and Damian get harrassed by bums on the streets of Denver while chatting about Musical Origins, Creativity, Tour Life, being a workaholic and more!

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Sean Mackin, Violinist of Yellowcard joins us this week to discuss his love of The Denver Broncos, Reconstructing Ocean Avenue, Violins & Destiny, dealing with success and his courageous bout with tyroid cancer. 

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New Jersey's THE FRONT BOTTOMS join us in the basement of the Aggie Theater in Fort Collins to talk to the band about their origins, their rapid rise of success, Tumblr, song writing and oh so much more! This episode also features an expert from their headlining set in Fort Collins!  

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We talk to THE WILD ATL about  their musical origins, first records, touring with Andrew Jackson Jihad, and working with Laura Jane Grace! We also talk to the band about the loss of their friend Anthony Poynter and how that factored into DREAMS ARE MAPS

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OLD MAN MARKLEY join us for a very special episode of Mostly Harmless, recorded in front of a live studio audience at  Illegal Pete's South Broadway in Denver, Co! We talk with the band for about ten minutes before the band plays a short set for the All Ages crowd! Video of this event is available on the Mostly Harmless Youtube Channel.

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PJ Bond joins Damian at the Larimer Lounge in Denver to talk about his earliest musical obsessions, his first bands, his touring lifestyle and more! This episode also included a partial live set with Marko Casso from his show that evening with Maria Taylor.

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Arliss Nancy join us in front of a live studio audience at The Surfside 7 in Fort Collins  to discuss their new Album, Wild American Runners, their success, drinking and more! They also play a few songs for us. Comedian Aaron Snyder also appears!

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We join Masked Intruder on The Fat Tour tour  discuss their first loves, first thefts, first records, being bad guys, women, High Fidelity and E.T. All this and more from The Aggie Theater in Fort Collins before playing with Less Than Jake and Ant-Flag!

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AMERICAN SHARKS join us for an interview from the backstage of the Ogden Theater, while on tour with CLUTCH! We speak with the band about their hard living, partying ways and how they decided to put those ways behind them for success! We talk about the stresses of being on a big tour, what they have learned from bands like THE SWORD, life on the road and oh so much more in today's podcast!

This episode features, "Iron Lungs" and "Overdrive" from 2013's self titled album: AMERICAN SHARKS. 

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David Dondero joins us to talk his discovery and obsession with music, discovery of Punk Rock, getting sober, his life on the road and oh so much more! Plus Dondero serenades us with a rendition of Newcleus "Jam On It!"

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Denver's IN THE WHALE members Eric Riley and Nate Valdez sit down with Damian to talk their humble origins of growing up in small towns, moving to Denver, their secrets to success, and their new album: Eric. 

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Today we join three of the members of Native Daughters in an underground bunker inside the 3 Kings Tavern in Denver, Colorado. We talk with Tom Chagolla, Eddie Maestas-Vigil and Justin Hackl to talk about their early obsessions in music, their life in the Colorado music scene, the end of Mustangs and Madras and the world of Native Daughters! All this and more!!

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Two Cow Garage join us at Mutiny Information Exchange in Denver, Colorado for a live taping of the Mostly Harmless Podcast! We talk to the band about their first experiences with beer, their fathers, their favorite moments of their 12+ year adventure and their new album: THE DEATH OF THE SELF PRESERVATION SOCIETY! This episode includes bonus acoustic songs!

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We meet up with the fine gentlemen from RESTORATIONS out of Philadelphia, PA to talk about their journey in the musical world and how they became the musicians they are. We talk about Jon and Dave's previous band, JENA BERLIN, how they would do that differently, Fate, tour etiquite and more, on this action packed episode of Mostly Harmless! 

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Andy Thomas of Tin Horn Prayer and The Knew joins us to talk about his musical upbringing and introductions, his illustrious career in the Denver music scene and his first novel, HELL IS IN NEW JERSEY. Music played is from Andy Thomas Dust Heart's Wicked, Dark EP.

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While in Denver for a one off practice show, Damian sits down with Goldfinger's guitarist, CHARLIE PAULSON and for a deep and candid conversation on the artist's career, drug usage and early life. Songs include: "I Am Deaf" & "Here in Your Bedroom."

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Adam Fletcher from The Copyrights/ Dear Landlord joins us to talk about discovering punk rock in a small town, writing music and more! Then we find Kris Roe of The Ataris backstage at Riot Fest Denver and talk to him about Festivals and The Replacements! 

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We join Adam Turla in the alley of The Bluebird Theater to discuss his early love of adventure books, 80's films and songwriting! We also talk their connection to fans and their Kickstarter for BITTER DRINK, BITTER MOON!

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This week we venture up to Fort Collins, Colorado for the Fort Collins premier of FILMAGE, The Descendents / ALL Documentary. We join the filmmakers: Matt Riggle, Deedle LaCour, Justin Wilson & James Rayburn to talk to the film makers  about the importance and their discovery of The Descendents, as well as thier punk rock roots, how they became filmmakers and more!

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Dax Riggs joins us at the Triple Nickel Tavern to talk his early musical experiences growing up in New Orleans, how Acid Bath came to be and his life as a solo performer! All this and MORE with special guests Bryan Ostrow! 

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Today we sit down with David Mickey Evans, the director of the family favorite film: THE SANDLOT. We talk about David's early love of Baseball and cinema and the steps he took along the way to make The Sandlot the classic that it is today! We also talk about how to be a writer, director and MORE! 

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Today we join KyleKinane in the greenroom of Comedy Works in Denver. We sit back and chat about becoming a "Punk Rock" comedian of sorts, his D.I.Y. roots as well as his discovery of music and comedy all in one swoop. Not only that, we talk about BMX, Drinking, his failed Comedy Central pilot and oh so much more! This episode is brought to you buy HIGH PLAINS COMEDY FESTIVAL!

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We talk with Konrad Wert of Possessed By Paul James about his early Mennonite upbringing, what lead him to becoming an elementary school teacher, the importance of family and the power of music! This episode contains live music from the performance at the Triple Nickel Tavern!

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Originally published in New Noise Magazine. Damian talks with the former Avail front man, Tim Barry about his early memories of train hopping, his newborn daughter Lela, songwriting and his his ongoing battle with diabetes.

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While in New York on sabatical from an Arliss Nancy tour, I got a chance to hang out with my buddies in the Philadelphia band: Luther! We talked about Nick's early origins stories, to a life and death experience that changed him and the band. We also talked about The Bouncing Souls, Chunksaah Records, touring the world and work to unravel the secrets of the universe! 

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Welcome to your new favorite band. This week we talk with Cleveland, Ohio's WORSHIP THIS. The quintette has recently signed with Anti-Flag's record label; A-F Records and released one of 2013's best albums; "Tomorrow, I'll Miss You." We meet the band a week after the Durham, North Carolina's Death To False Hope Records Fest which brought the band to our attention. The band was in NYC opening for an Anti-Flag celebrating 20 years of Punk Rock. After the show we journey to The Ontario Bar in NYC to drink tons of Miller High Life and talk about their lives and what makes them work as a band. 

Tracks include: "I, Human" and "Indiffernet" from the band's A-F Records Debut: Tomorrow, I'll Miss You. 

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Damian's adventures at Denver Comic Con. The podcast includes: William Shatner reading Where The Wild Things Are, Excerpts from The Guild Panel; as well as interviews with Steve Wiebe (King Of Kong), Thomas Zahler (Love And Capes, My Little Pony), Matt Wagner (Mage, Grendel), Sean Tiffany (Oilcan Drive), Noah Van Sciver (Blammo, The Hypo), Zak Kinsella & Nick Salmon (Midspace), Anthony Montgomery (Ensign Travis Mayweather on Star Trek:Enterprise, Miles Away), Amy Reeder (Batwoman, Madame Xanadu) and Jim Mahfood (Tank Girl, Clerks)! 

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While in NYC, Damian meets with James Carroll, lead vocalist and guitar player for Make Do and Mend. We talked a bit about life, the universe and everything, but mostly we sat down and talked about the singer's early upbringing in Connecticut, how he ended up in Boston as well as how Make Do and Mend came to life and their joining into the ranks of superlabel: Rise Records.

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Damian jumps into the van with Bridge 9's Octaves for a ridiculous time talking about thier early music discoveries, Baltimore and MORE! It's a laugh riot! Damian also talks with comic creator and name brother Damian Willcox about comics and cartooning!

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