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Arliss Nancy join us in front of a live studio audience at The Surfside 7 in Fort Collins  to discuss their new Album, Wild American Runners, their success, drinking and more! They also play a few songs for us. Comedian Aaron Snyder also appears!

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We join Masked Intruder on The Fat Tour tour  discuss their first loves, first thefts, first records, being bad guys, women, High Fidelity and E.T. All this and more from The Aggie Theater in Fort Collins before playing with Less Than Jake and Ant-Flag!

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AMERICAN SHARKS join us for an interview from the backstage of the Ogden Theater, while on tour with CLUTCH! We speak with the band about their hard living, partying ways and how they decided to put those ways behind them for success! We talk about the stresses of being on a big tour, what they have learned from bands like THE SWORD, life on the road and oh so much more in today's podcast!

This episode features, "Iron Lungs" and "Overdrive" from 2013's self titled album: AMERICAN SHARKS. 

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David Dondero joins us to talk his discovery and obsession with music, discovery of Punk Rock, getting sober, his life on the road and oh so much more! Plus Dondero serenades us with a rendition of Newcleus "Jam On It!"

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Denver's IN THE WHALE members Eric Riley and Nate Valdez sit down with Damian to talk their humble origins of growing up in small towns, moving to Denver, their secrets to success, and their new album: Eric. 

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Today we join three of the members of Native Daughters in an underground bunker inside the 3 Kings Tavern in Denver, Colorado. We talk with Tom Chagolla, Eddie Maestas-Vigil and Justin Hackl to talk about their early obsessions in music, their life in the Colorado music scene, the end of Mustangs and Madras and the world of Native Daughters! All this and more!!

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Two Cow Garage join us at Mutiny Information Exchange in Denver, Colorado for a live taping of the Mostly Harmless Podcast! We talk to the band about their first experiences with beer, their fathers, their favorite moments of their 12+ year adventure and their new album: THE DEATH OF THE SELF PRESERVATION SOCIETY! This episode includes bonus acoustic songs!

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We meet up with the fine gentlemen from RESTORATIONS out of Philadelphia, PA to talk about their journey in the musical world and how they became the musicians they are. We talk about Jon and Dave's previous band, JENA BERLIN, how they would do that differently, Fate, tour etiquite and more, on this action packed episode of Mostly Harmless! 

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Andy Thomas of Tin Horn Prayer and The Knew joins us to talk about his musical upbringing and introductions, his illustrious career in the Denver music scene and his first novel, HELL IS IN NEW JERSEY. Music played is from Andy Thomas Dust Heart's Wicked, Dark EP.

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While in Denver for a one off practice show, Damian sits down with Goldfinger's guitarist, CHARLIE PAULSON and for a deep and candid conversation on the artist's career, drug usage and early life. Songs include: "I Am Deaf" & "Here in Your Bedroom."

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Adam Fletcher from The Copyrights/ Dear Landlord joins us to talk about discovering punk rock in a small town, writing music and more! Then we find Kris Roe of The Ataris backstage at Riot Fest Denver and talk to him about Festivals and The Replacements! 

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We join Adam Turla in the alley of The Bluebird Theater to discuss his early love of adventure books, 80's films and songwriting! We also talk their connection to fans and their Kickstarter for BITTER DRINK, BITTER MOON!

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This week we venture up to Fort Collins, Colorado for the Fort Collins premier of FILMAGE, The Descendents / ALL Documentary. We join the filmmakers: Matt Riggle, Deedle LaCour, Justin Wilson & James Rayburn to talk to the film makers  about the importance and their discovery of The Descendents, as well as thier punk rock roots, how they became filmmakers and more!

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Dax Riggs joins us at the Triple Nickel Tavern to talk his early musical experiences growing up in New Orleans, how Acid Bath came to be and his life as a solo performer! All this and MORE with special guests Bryan Ostrow! 

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Today we sit down with David Mickey Evans, the director of the family favorite film: THE SANDLOT. We talk about David's early love of Baseball and cinema and the steps he took along the way to make The Sandlot the classic that it is today! We also talk about how to be a writer, director and MORE! 

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Today we join KyleKinane in the greenroom of Comedy Works in Denver. We sit back and chat about becoming a "Punk Rock" comedian of sorts, his D.I.Y. roots as well as his discovery of music and comedy all in one swoop. Not only that, we talk about BMX, Drinking, his failed Comedy Central pilot and oh so much more! This episode is brought to you buy HIGH PLAINS COMEDY FESTIVAL!

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We talk with Konrad Wert of Possessed By Paul James about his early Mennonite upbringing, what lead him to becoming an elementary school teacher, the importance of family and the power of music! This episode contains live music from the performance at the Triple Nickel Tavern!

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Originally published in New Noise Magazine. Damian talks with the former Avail front man, Tim Barry about his early memories of train hopping, his newborn daughter Lela, songwriting and his his ongoing battle with diabetes.

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While in New York on sabatical from an Arliss Nancy tour, I got a chance to hang out with my buddies in the Philadelphia band: Luther! We talked about Nick's early origins stories, to a life and death experience that changed him and the band. We also talked about The Bouncing Souls, Chunksaah Records, touring the world and work to unravel the secrets of the universe! 

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Welcome to your new favorite band. This week we talk with Cleveland, Ohio's WORSHIP THIS. The quintette has recently signed with Anti-Flag's record label; A-F Records and released one of 2013's best albums; "Tomorrow, I'll Miss You." We meet the band a week after the Durham, North Carolina's Death To False Hope Records Fest which brought the band to our attention. The band was in NYC opening for an Anti-Flag celebrating 20 years of Punk Rock. After the show we journey to The Ontario Bar in NYC to drink tons of Miller High Life and talk about their lives and what makes them work as a band. 

Tracks include: "I, Human" and "Indiffernet" from the band's A-F Records Debut: Tomorrow, I'll Miss You. 

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Damian's adventures at Denver Comic Con. The podcast includes: William Shatner reading Where The Wild Things Are, Excerpts from The Guild Panel; as well as interviews with Steve Wiebe (King Of Kong), Thomas Zahler (Love And Capes, My Little Pony), Matt Wagner (Mage, Grendel), Sean Tiffany (Oilcan Drive), Noah Van Sciver (Blammo, The Hypo), Zak Kinsella & Nick Salmon (Midspace), Anthony Montgomery (Ensign Travis Mayweather on Star Trek:Enterprise, Miles Away), Amy Reeder (Batwoman, Madame Xanadu) and Jim Mahfood (Tank Girl, Clerks)! 

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While in NYC, Damian meets with James Carroll, lead vocalist and guitar player for Make Do and Mend. We talked a bit about life, the universe and everything, but mostly we sat down and talked about the singer's early upbringing in Connecticut, how he ended up in Boston as well as how Make Do and Mend came to life and their joining into the ranks of superlabel: Rise Records.

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Damian jumps into the van with Bridge 9's Octaves for a ridiculous time talking about thier early music discoveries, Baltimore and MORE! It's a laugh riot! Damian also talks with comic creator and name brother Damian Willcox about comics and cartooning!

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Dave Hause of the Loved Ones joins us at the Revival Tour stop in Denver to talk about carrying on his father's name. How the church influenced his singer and songwriting & how his years as a Kid Dyamite roadie shaped him into the musician he is today!

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Polar Bear Club singer Jimmy Stadt joins Damian backstage at the group's show in Denver, opening for Bad Religion and The Bronx. Jimmy tells of his early musical life, how acting transformed his career and affected his music and MORE! 

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This interview was originally published on Amp Damian talks with Jay Bentley about his new infant and his older children. They talk childhood heroes, and Bad Religion's newest album's recording process compares to Suffer, The Grey Race and No Control! All of that and MORE!

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Damian talks to Yale Stewart of JL8 about how he started illustrating and how he found comics. Damian then talks to The Atom Age about how they found each other, create their sound and their plans for the future! Featuring music from Asian Man Records

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Originally published in AMP MAGAZINE, I talk with Tony Sylvester of Turbonegro about his humble punk rock beginings and the destiny-esque life that brought him to become the new lead singer of Turbonegro replacing Hank Von Helvette.

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I found myself in Chicago for Riot Fest in 2012, I somehow jumped into a cab with Springa from SSDecontrol aka SSD and Tony Brummel, the owner of Victory Records and headed to a punk rock bar called The Exit. This interview with Springa happened in front of The Exit. We talked about who he is, the straight edge movement, his new band Springa Sonic Droogs & the documentary ALL AGES on Boston Hardcore. Tony Brummel took my recording device and quized me about 80's wrestling. It's as bizarre as you expect, and fun too!

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