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In this month's live episode, we talk about shitty jobs and our adventures in Employment with Comedian Timmi Lasley & Comic artist Jake Fairly & musical guest: BLACK DOTS! We talk about when and where our dreams died and how we work to keep our artistic journey's alive.  All of this and a rousing game of "Who Said it?" Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ultimate Warrior or STING (not that Sting.)

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Comedian Ian Douglas Terry does COOL SHIT. We talk to IDT about his punk rock past, wrestling, THE FEST comedy shows, Crom Fest and how goes against the traditional comedy path and goes his own way. All of this and oh so much more.

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This week I interview SUCCESS! I join members Aaron-Rev Peters and Austin Jones outside the Summit Music Hall in Denver, Colorado! We talk with the band members about chasing Success, Bottlecap Studios, joining Red Scare Industries & working with Toby Jeg. We also find time to talk to the band about their Seattle hometown scene, building your own scene, participating in your town and oh so many ways that you and your own band can find SUCCESS!

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