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Darius Koski from Swingin' Utters is today's guest, with special appearances from Chris "Big Bitch" Flippin, Joe Raposo and Joey Cape from Lagwagon! We join Darius on the Lagwagon tour bus to talk about his early musical memories, origins, as well as Fatherhood and why the Swingin Utters have been hitting it so hard these days. The interview devolves into a fun chat with Darius and Lagwagon about their first alcoholic drinks and malt liquor! 

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LEMURIA are our guests this week on the Mostly Harmless Podcast! We meet up and interview Alex, Max and Sheena in the basement green room of the Hi-Dive in Denver! We chat with them about their newest release and appearance in Turnstile Comix #3, appearing in Entertainment Weekly, and the art of becoming a comic book characters in both Turnstile #3 and Li'l Depressed Boy! All of this and more in today's interview!

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Dan Potthast of Mu33o and Rick Johnson of Mustard Plug join us today to talk about the first time they met, the first records they bought, their home lives, tour life as an adult and the creation of Sharkanoid; the duo's Guided by Voices inspired pop-punk concept album!

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Mike, Max and Morgan of HARD GIRLS tell us about what led to their newest record, A THOUSAND SURFACES, working with Jesse Michaels of OPERATION IVY, the wisdom of Mike Park and more! Mike also talks the upcoming Shinobu release!

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KEIRSTON WHITE is this week's guest. She can currently be seen on tour with John Moreland. We meet up with the singer songwriter to talk about her early musical origins, how she was an annoying little sister who learned to play and sing from her older brother, Bryon White from The Damn Quails. We also talk about how she found her voice, Stagefright, her friendship with John Moreland and her family connection to Roger Miller. She also maybe sings a little bit of Sublime in this week's audio adventure! Recorded backstage at 3 Kings Tavern in Denver, Colorado.

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Hot Damn! SPEEDY ORTIZ are our guests today on The Mostly Harmless Podcast! We meet up with the band in the basement green room of the Hi-Dive. We have a free flowing chat with the band that covers topics such as their early musical origin stories, how they chose their instruments, the geography or middle America and comic books!

Songs from this episode include: "Everything's Bigger" from their EP, Real Hair and "Doomsday" from their brand new split 7" with Chris Weisman for Famous Class's LAMC single series!

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WOAH! STEVE DIGGLE FROM THE BUZZCOCKS is our guest on today's episode! We sit down backstage at Riot Fest Denver in the Visiting team locker room at Mile High Stadium and talk to the 59 year old guitar player for the highly influential punk band! 

We talk to Steve about sleep deprivation, the longevity of the band & songs, crowd-funding of  their new album, The Way; the unending well of creative juices, festivals and oh so much more in today's interview!


Songs from this episode include: "It's Not You" from their upcoming record, The Way as well as "Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've)" from the classic record Love Bites.

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JOEY CAPE (Lagwagon, Me First And The Gimme Gimmes), CHRIS CRESSWELL (The Flatliners), BRIAN WAHLSTROM (Scorpios) and Serina Chang hang out at the Walnut Room in Denver, Colorado to discuss German humor, Barry Manilow, Competitive Whistling, First musical loves and the ONE WEEK RECORDS label and tour!

This episode features the one week records songs, "Airplane Food," by Brian Wahlstrom and "Meet Me in the Shade" by Chris Cresswell. The episode ends with a live recording of the One Week Records gang playing, "International You Day," by Tony Sly and No Use For a Name.

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Damian chugs a ton of whiskey and jumps into a tour bus to interview Dowsing, Sundials and Alissa Reynolds! They have a round table chat about touring life, where they grew up and came into their own, their respective records and what they learn about themselves and each other in their cramped quarters. All this and so much more in today's audio adventure.

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Chris Shary, the artist for Descendents/ALL joins us from his Stockton, California home. We chat with Christ about his early beginnings discovering punk rock, the power of his artwork and why he became a teacher. We also talk to Chris about meeting and working with Descendents, and how he balances his career as a teacher and artist. All of this and more in today's audio adventure.

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We join Hi, Ho Silver Away! on day three of their two week tour, at Mutiny Information Cafe in Denver! We talk with the band after their show about the origins of the band's name, the band's musical origins, Recording with Alex Estrada (Joyce Manor, Touche Amore) and joining forces with It's Alive Records. All of this and more in today's Audio adventure!

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Damian joins Local H frontman, Scott Lucas in Denver to discuss his early musical origins, how the band keeps rolling on as well as the side project, Scott Lucas and the Married Men!

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Keith Morris of OFF!, Black Flag & The Circle Jerks talks very candidly about his diabetes, brushes with death and what keeps him going full steam ahead. Other topics include, Record Store Day, dislike of critics, Comic book & film making ideas and oh so much more.

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This week's interview is THE WHITE BUFFALO himself, Jake Smith! We find Jake Smith in the wild of Denver, Colorado while on tour with Chuck Ragan and Johnny Two Bags. We venture downstairs into the Greenroom of the Gothic Theatre and discuss musical origins, having his songs on SONS OF ANARCHY,  his musical origins, books & reading, Good & Evil in Storytelling & Songwriting,  and the themes behind Buffalo's newest record: Shadows, Greys, & Evil Ways. All of this and more in today's audio adventure!

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We meet up with Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music) at the Gothic Theater in Denver. We talk about the fishing life, making music and the parallels of fishing & music. We also talk about Chuck's new album Till Midnight & the building of the Camaraderie family. All of this and more in today's episode!

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This week we chat with Chuck Robertson, Lead singer of MAD CADDIES, in Denver, Colorado. We talk about Chuck's musical origins, Tour life and lessons, Teaching younger bands, playing ska music in your 30's, and the band's new record: Dirty Rice. Dirty Rice out May 13th on Fat Wreck Chords.


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This week's interview is with THE SHELL CORPORATION! We talk with Jan Drees and Curtiss Lopez outside Illegal Pete's in Denver, Colorado. We chat with the guys about their early musical memories, how they got into punk rock, why they play and other musical origins. We also talk their love of Bad Religon & Propagandhi,  Mandrake, angry lyrics, tour life and oh so much more in today's audio adventure!

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We meet up with THE HOTELIER in Denver, Colorado at the Seventh Circle Music Collective to discuss the new record, how the band is surviving their lives on the road, Fanfare from fellow musicians, the band's name change, Musical Origins & More!

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This week's interview is Matt Goud aka NORTHCOTE, soon to be your new favorite singer songwriter. We join Matt while in the middle of tour with Dave Hause of the Loved Ones at a packed show at the Marquis Theater in Denver, Colorado. We chat with Matt about his new found life on the road, Adventures with Dave Hause, fanfare from his idols, his small town Canadian origins and MORE!

This episode features "Hope The Good Things Never Die" & "Speak Freely" from the 2013 self-titled album, Northcote. Out now in the US on Black Numbers.

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This week's interview is with the New Jersey pop-punk band, MAJOR LEAGUE. We speak candidly with the boys of Major League  about near death experiences, departing from their former lead singer Nick Trask, Modern Baseball, Sports, Musical origins, traveling around the world and MORE in today's audio adventure. 

This episode features exerts from the band's live performance at the 7th Circle Music Collective in Denver, Colorado.

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This week's interview is with JAMES DEWEES, the man behind REGGIE AND THE FULL EFFECT. We join James at the Marquis Theater in Denver to chat about his new record, No Country For Old Musicians. We also chat about creativity, growing up, vocal chord surgery, pop culture and more!

This episode features the tracks "37," "Fowling Around," and "Revenge is a Dish Best Served at Park Chan-Wook's House."

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Mike Herrera of MxPx & Tumbledown joins us in the basement of The Bluebird Theater in Denver to discuss podcasting, fatherhood, marijuana, misconceptions, being humble and oh so much more!

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Into It, Over It brainchild Evan Thomas Weiss and Damian get harrassed by bums on the streets of Denver while chatting about Musical Origins, Creativity, Tour Life, being a workaholic and more!

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Sean Mackin, Violinist of Yellowcard joins us this week to discuss his love of The Denver Broncos, Reconstructing Ocean Avenue, Violins & Destiny, dealing with success and his courageous bout with tyroid cancer. 

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New Jersey's THE FRONT BOTTOMS join us in the basement of the Aggie Theater in Fort Collins to talk to the band about their origins, their rapid rise of success, Tumblr, song writing and oh so much more! This episode also features an expert from their headlining set in Fort Collins!  

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We talk to THE WILD ATL about  their musical origins, first records, touring with Andrew Jackson Jihad, and working with Laura Jane Grace! We also talk to the band about the loss of their friend Anthony Poynter and how that factored into DREAMS ARE MAPS

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OLD MAN MARKLEY join us for a very special episode of Mostly Harmless, recorded in front of a live studio audience at  Illegal Pete's South Broadway in Denver, Co! We talk with the band for about ten minutes before the band plays a short set for the All Ages crowd! Video of this event is available on the Mostly Harmless Youtube Channel.

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PJ Bond joins Damian at the Larimer Lounge in Denver to talk about his earliest musical obsessions, his first bands, his touring lifestyle and more! This episode also included a partial live set with Marko Casso from his show that evening with Maria Taylor.

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