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This week's interview is with JAMES DEWEES, the man behind REGGIE AND THE FULL EFFECT. We join James at the Marquis Theater in Denver to chat about his new record, No Country For Old Musicians. We also chat about creativity, growing up, vocal chord surgery, pop culture and more!

This episode features the tracks "37," "Fowling Around," and "Revenge is a Dish Best Served at Park Chan-Wook's House."

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Mike Herrera of MxPx & Tumbledown joins us in the basement of The Bluebird Theater in Denver to discuss podcasting, fatherhood, marijuana, misconceptions, being humble and oh so much more!

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Into It, Over It brainchild Evan Thomas Weiss and Damian get harrassed by bums on the streets of Denver while chatting about Musical Origins, Creativity, Tour Life, being a workaholic and more!

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Sean Mackin, Violinist of Yellowcard joins us this week to discuss his love of The Denver Broncos, Reconstructing Ocean Avenue, Violins & Destiny, dealing with success and his courageous bout with tyroid cancer. 

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