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Mostly Harmless With Dammit Damian - Punk Rock Podcast

Jan 13, 2021

Two inspirational chats this week! First up is BEN CLAGETT who is currently WALKING ACROSS AMERICA! We also chat with Jason Kutchma, the Red Collar/Chasing 76 front-man & former Physics teacher on the importance of local government, choice & what he learned running for office in the deep red state of Idaho.

Clagett is currently on his THIRD walk across the United States. What has he learned about the country as he has walked it's many roads? Where is he going and why? And what does it have to do with meditation & sobriety?

Kutchma is a former high school physics teacher who moved from his home state of North Carolina, looking for a climate that works best with his allergies. Along the way, he discovered the importance of LOCAL, STATE politics. Today we find out exactly what a precinct captain is, as well as chat about why he decided to run for State Senate in Idaho, where there has not been a Democrat elected to office in a very long time. What did he learn from that experience? What can we do to make actually make America a better place?

NOTE: The chat with Jason is an audio chat, with no visuals. It has been edited, with about 15 minutes about his teaching career cut out. For the full audio interview, please download the podcast.

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